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Today in Mormon History ...

First Presidency letter urges Church members to have their sons and daughters attend post-high school institutions of learning near their home, "so that our young can benefit from the influence of the home, especially during their first two years of post-high school education." It also urges leaders and parents to make full use of seminary and institute programs to supplement the home. In addition, the letter says that the Presidency believes the enrollment at BYU should not exceed 25,000. CHRISTIANITY TODAY article, "Mormons and Blacks", commends the Church for "refusing to let popular protest shape its doctrines." However it says blacks should not feel deprived because they are not eligible for the Mormon priesthood since the Church itself is "tragically misguided." (1)
-- 40 years ago - Jan 30, 1970

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. returns to Manchester to force Cole to stop publishing extracts from the Book of Mormon. (2)
-- 180 years ago - late Jan. 1830

Sidney Rigdon preaches in Kirtland, Ohio that Joseph Smith, their latter-day oracle, is en route to Kirtland. During his sermon he challenges the world to "refute the divine pretensions of the Book of Mormon." In the audience is the father of Alexander Campbell, who writes to his son. Alexander Campbell, Ridgon's former mentor, writes to Rigdon taking up the challenge: "I, therefore, as in duty bound, accept the challenge, and shall hold myself in readiness, if the Lord permit, to meet you publicly, in any place, either in Mentor or Kirtland, or in any of the adjoining towns that may appear most eligible for the accommodation of the public. The sooner the investigation takes place the better for all concerned." When the letter is delivered to Rigdon he, after coming to the line "the infernal book of Mormon" throws the letter into the fire. Rigdon never meets Campbell in open debate. (1)
-- Jan 30, 1831

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2 - Anderson, Lavina Fielding, Editor, Lucy's Book: A Critical Edition of Lucy Mack Smith's Family Memoir, 2001, Signature Books

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