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Hyrum Smith is ordained Presiding Patriarch in place of his deceased father. He remains functioning as a part-time Counselor in the First Presidency until April 6th -- but William Law is ordained to replace him as Counselor on Jan 19th. (1)
-- Jan 19, 1841

Joseph Smith received revelation to build Nauvoo Temple and Nauvoo House; Hyrum Smith called as assistant president of the Church and to succeed his father as patriarch (D&C 124). (2)

[Polygamy] 2nd Wilford Woodruff revelation on polygamy
Wilford Woodruff submitted a revelation to church president John Taylor and the Twelve promising the Apocalypse and God's interventions into the affairs of the saints. Woodruff was asked to draw up the list of enemies and to write the prayer of damnation , which he did, which contained 400 names of the enemies of the church. The First Presidency and Twelve met together for this reverse prayer in the temple and "we all performed the ordinance of washing our feet against Our Enemies And the Enemies of the Kingdom of God according to the Commandment of God unto us." (Susan Staker, "Waiting for World's End" p. XVII.) (3)
-- Jan 19, 1881

[Smith, Don Carlos] Appointed by revelation to preside over high priests quorum in Nauvoo area 19 January 1841. (4)
-- Jan 19, 1841

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