110 years ago today - Mar 7, 1911

Apostle Anthony W. Ivins writes to his son, Grant, "You can count on it[-]I have never performed a marriage seremony [sic] without proper authority" Apostle Ivins performed numerous post-manifesto plural marriages.

The First Presidency "visited the [Salt Lake] Temple and gave orders for the placing of more toilets in that building."

120 years ago today - Mar 7, 1901

[Abraham O. Woodruff]
Attended the regular meeting of the Presidentcy and Apostles. ... We discussed at length the question. Does a Deacon hold all of the A[a]ronic Priesthood? Most of the Brethren took the view that a deacon does not hold but part of the Priesthood and that when a Deacon is ordained a Teacher or a Priest he gets more of the Priesthood. Pres[iden]t. Jos[eph]. F. Smith, Brigham Young [Jr.], John Henry Smith & I did not agree with this view but held that there are but two Priesthoods and that when a man is ordained a Deacon he receives the A[a]ronic Priesthood and when he ordained an elder he receives the Melchesedek Priesthood (and not a part of it). We hold that the offices such as Deacon, Teacher, Priest, Elder, Seventy, High Priest & Apostle are appendages to the priesthood and that any one who holds any one of these offices must needs hold the A[a]ronic or Melch[izedek]. Priesthood. Pres[iden]t. [Lorenzo] Snow did not make a ruling though will do no doubt at an early date.

[Abraham Owen Woodruff, Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

130 years ago today - Mar 7, 1891

[George Q. Cannon]
"Do not, brethren, put your trust in man though he be a Bishop, an apostle or a president; if you do, they will fail you at some time or place; they will do wrong or seem to, and your support will be gone; but if we lean on God, He will NEVER fail us. When men and women depend upon GOD ALONE and trust in HIM ALONE, their faith will not be shaken if the highest in the Church should step aside"

[George Q. Cannon, DW 43:322 [Mar 7, 1891]]

180 years ago today - Mar 7, 1841

According to Zina Huntington, shortly after Apostle Brigham Young's return to Nauvoo in July 1841, he re-performed her polygamous sealing to the Prophet. - Thus, Zina Huntington was Joseph Smith's plural wife for ten months before her civil marriage to Henry Jacobs on 7 March 1841.

["HYMENIAL," Times and Seasons 2 (1 April 1841): 374; "Evidence For The Sexual Side of Joseph Smith's Polygamy," Comments by D. Michael Quinn on Session #2A "Reconsidering Joseph Smith's Marital Practices," Mormon History Association's Annual Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 29 June 2012 (unabbreviated version, revised during July)]

185 years ago today - Mar 7, 1836

In Professor Seixas' class, Joseph translates Genesis 17. Seixas agrees to teach three more weeks after a vacation of two weeks.

[Kenney, Scott, Saints Without Halos, "Mormon History 1830-1844," http://web.archive.org/web/20120805163534/saintswithouthalos.com/dirs/d_c.phtml]

190 years ago today - Mar 7, 1831

"For a long time in the vicinity of Palmyra, there has existed an impression, especially among certain loose classes of society, that treasures of great amount were concealed near the surface of the earth, probably by the Indians, whom they were taught to consider the descendants of the ten lost Israelitish tribes, by the celebrated Jew who a few years since promised to gather Abraham's sons on Grand Island, thus to be made a Paradise. The ignorance and superstition of these fanatics soon conjured up a ghost, who they said was often seen and to whom was committed the care of the precious deposit. ... One Joseph Smith, a perfect ignoramus, is to be a great prophet of the Lord, the fabled ghost the angel of his presence, a few of the accomplices the apostles or witnesses of the imposition, and, to fill up the measure of their wickedness and the absurdity of their proceedings, the hidden golden treasure, is to be a golden bible and a new revelation. This golden bible consisted of metallic plates six or seven inches square, of the thickness of tin and resembling gold, the surface of which was covered with hieroglyphic characters, unintelligible to Smith, the finder, who could not read English. However the angel (ghost!) that discovered the plates to him, likewise informed him that he would be inspired to translate the inscriptions without looking at the plates while an amanuensis would record his infallible reading; all which was accordingly done. But now the book must be published, the translation of the inscriptions which Smith was authorized to show to no man save a few accomplices, who subscribe a certificate of these pretended facts at the end of the volume. Truly a wise arrangement!"

[David S. Burnett account, 7 March 1831, in Larry E. Morris, I Should Have an Eye Single to the Glory of God: Joseph Smith's Account of the Angel and the Plates]

190 years ago today - Mar 7, 1831

An important revelation concerning the salvation of man and the calamities of the last days was given through Joseph Smith, jun., at Kirtland. The Saints were also commanded to gather means wherewith to purchase a land of inheritance on which to build a New Jerusalem. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 45.)

[Jenson, Andrew, Church Chronology]

190 years ago today - Mar 7, 1831

[D&C 45]
"v.16 concerning the signs of my coming… v.20 And this [Kirtland] Temple which ye now see shall be thrown down that there shall not be left one stone upon another. v.21 And it shall come to pass, that this generation of Jews shall not pass away until every desolation which I have told you concerning them shall come to pass. v.37 Ye look and behold the fig trees, and ye see them with your eyes, and ye say when they begin to shoot forth, and their leaves are yet tender, that summer is now nigh at hand; v.38 Even so it shall be in that day when they shall see all these things, then shall they know that the hour is nigh. v.39 And it shall come to pass that he that feareth me shall be looking forth for the great day of the Lord to come, even for the signs of the coming of the Son of Man."

[D&C 45: 16-39, as quoted in The Last Days and December 1890 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, y George D. Speer Sr., privately circulated]

45 years ago today - Mar 6, 1976

Undoubtedly, Kimball's opposition was behind Benson's non-acceptance of the U.S. presidential nomination from the Concerned Citizens Party in 1976. Involving former members of the American Party (which Benson had publicly endorsed) and LDS members of the Birch Society, the "Concerned Citizens party will be dedicated to individual rights under the Constitution," and proposed to bring God "back into government."

["Party Qualifies For Utah Ballot," Salt Lake Tribune, 6 Mar. 1976, B-5; "LDS Official Says 'No' to Politics," Salt Lake Tribune, 25 Mar. 1976, B-4, and "Party Clarifies Stand on Benson Selection," Salt Lake Tribune, 29 Mar 1976, 38. From D. Michael Quinn, Ezra Taft Benson and Mormon Political Conflicts, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 26:2 (Summer 1992), also in Quinn, The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power Salt Lake City (Signature Books, 1994), Chapter 3.]

55 years ago today - Mar 6, 1966

BYU Religion professor Rodney Turner, in a speech during a six-stake fireside, quotes a poem: "Women are doormats and have been / The years those mats applaud,- / They keep their men from going in / With muddy feet to God.'" then comments, "I am afraid that is only too true, A man needs that kind of support so that he can go back home without muddy feet. A help meet to God, fulfilling the procreative power that you have; a sustainer of your husband; a homemaker; a rearer of children; and a husband-prodder-these are just a few things you can begin with." The speech, "Woman and the Priesthood" is published as a pamphlet by BYU.

125 years ago today - Mar 6, 1896

President Wilford Woodruff asks Apostle Brigham Young Jr., "Woodruff asked me, "what is your opinion about bro[ther] B. H.] Roberts?" Young answers, "He has passed beyond our help the Lord must handle him." Young writes later, "I found the Presidency felt about the same way." Roberts had been temporarily dropped from the First Quorum of Seventy and suspended from exercising his priesthood and given three weeks to agree to sign the Political Manifesto which states that all church leaders must get permission from above before seeking political office.

135 years ago today - Mar 6, 1886

2,000 LDS women gather at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City to address the reports that they were violating Christian marriage principles. Among other speakers, Ellis Shipp of Salt Lake City, a physician and the first of Milford Shipp's four wives, explains: "True we practice plural marriage, not, however, because we are compelled to, but because we are convinced that it is a divine revelation, and we find in this principle satisfaction, contentment, and more happiness than we could obtain in any other relationship"

140 years ago today - Mar 6, 1881

{William H. and Edmund L. Kelley visited Palmyra and Manchester, New York, and interviewed Thomas H. Taylor, William and Mary Bryant, Danford Booth, Ezra Pierce, Orin Reed, Orlando Saunders, Abel Chase, John H. Gilbert, and Hiram Jackway. They also interviewed John Stafford in Rochester. Notes of these interviews were written in pencil in a small notebook, apparently in the handwriting of William Kelley.}

... Ezra Peirce. Says Joes[eph] [Smith] did not know any thing more about Hyglyerics [hieroglyphics][.] Lyman Cowdry was a Lawyer. O[liver]. Cowd[r]y [was a] School Teacher. Characters good. ["]I know that Joe Smith was ignorant." Has pulled sticks with Joes[eph] for a gallon of Brandy but never knew [him] to get drunk. ... Orlando Saunders. Say 78 year old in April[.] Smiths worked for him and they were good fellows to work[.] Hyram and the old man were coopers[.] very good people. Every bod[y] drank in those days and the Smith[s] drank also. but they never got drunk. They were the best family in the neighborhood in case of sickness. One was at my house nearly all the time when my father died. Martin Haris was [remainder of sentence written sideways on page] one of the first ones of the Town.

Able D. Chase. 67 years old. Old man Smith was a cooper[.] Alvin was the oldest [-] 6 boy[s] 2 girls--&c Alvin[,] Hyr[am]--Josep[h][,] [Samuel] Harrison[,] Wm & Carlos. Every one drank. I was young and dont remember only general character--poorly educated[,] ignorant and selfish--super=sticious Shif[t]less but do a good days work.... Jo[sep]h [Smith] got a [singular] looking stone which was dug up out of my fathers well[.] A sister that [had] a stone she could see in, but it was not the one that Smith had ...

Lorenzo Saunders says [Sidney] Rigdon was in the neighborhood befor[e] B[ook] of M[ormon] was published 18 months[.] Lorenzo Saunders lives in New Adrian[,] Mich. James T. Cob[b] of Salt Lake writes <<Corresponds>> with Colonel Gilbert He knew Lyman and Oliver [Cowdery][.] Lyman was a petifogger[.] Oliver was a school teacher--[Martin] Harris was a very honest farmer but very supersticious--He saw the Book with his spiritual eyes. 79 years of age.

Hyram Jackway 65-6 [year old][.] Saw Joe and his Father Drunk in a hay field[.] Knows nothing about them stealing. Stafford was a Sailor. Wm S=tafford He was the one that furnished the Black Sheep. [-] Smiths translated in the farm hous[e]. Maj Gilbert said they translated in a cave Hyrum and his Father owed Mr. Jaynes 150$ Martin Harris was an honest man[.]...

He [Joseph Smith] was a real clever jovial boy--What [Pomeroy] Tucker said about them was false absolutely--My father was never connected with them in any way--Smiths with others were hunting for money previous to obtaining plates[.] My father Wm S[tafford]. had stone which some thought they could look through--and Old Mrs. S[mith]. came there for it but never go it.--76 years old--... I lived a mile from them. My father is said to have furnished a sheep--but I dont think my father was there at [the] time they say [the] sheep was sacrificed-- Cousin Christopher Stafford [of] Aburn[,] Geauga Co. Ohio, Oliver Cowdry Taught school in house 3 1/2 miles from Palmyry--Cowdry good Character. [Martin] Harris not very religious before B[ook] of M[ormon]--was an Honorable farmer. Dont know whether he was skeptic=al or visionary--old Joe claimed he understood Geology and could tell all kinds of minerals--& they fixed up a dose for him. Joe was quite illit[erate]--until after they began to have school at their house--and they had school at at their house. ... Saw them dig 3 or 4 years before B[ook of Mormon] was found--Joe not there--The neighbors use to Claim Sally Chase Could look through stone she had & find money--Willard Chase use to dig when she found where the money was[.] Peaceable among themselves--<<old woman>> Had a great deal [of] faith [that] their Child[ren]. was going to do something great. ...

[William Kelley, Notebook, No. 5, 1-16, William H. Kelley Papers, RLDS Church Library-Archives, Independence, Missouri., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Kelley Notes]

180 years ago today - March 1841 (about 6 March)

Section 125 instructed the Saints to build up opposite Nauvoo a city to be named Zarahemla. In addition, the town of Nashville was to be built up.

[Cook, Lyndon, Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith: A Historical and Biographical Commentary of the Doctrine and Covenants, http://amzn.to/RevelationsofJosephSmith]

185 years ago today - Mar 6, 1836

Joseph Smith goes to Hebrew teacher Joshua Seixas for private instruction. The next two days the "first class" (of which Joseph is a member) translates, from the Hebrew, chapters 17 and 22 of Genesis, both of which deal with Abraham.

190 years ago today - March 6 or 7, 1831

Kirtland, Ohio. Doctrine and Covenants 45. The Son reminds the Father of his blood and suffering. Believers become his sons, perform miracles. Reasons with followers. City of Enoch. Jews to gather to Jerusalem. Fulness of gospel revealed at beginning of the times of the Gentiles. Scourge and desolation at end of times of the Gentiles. Signs of second coming. Resurrection followed by destruction , conversion of the Jews, who weep for persecuting their king. Satan bound , Jesus' return. Wicked will be cast into the fire, righteous receive earthly reward. Joseph to translate the New Testament. Wars begin soon in America. Gather out of the east. Collect funds to purchase inheritance. New Jerusalem a land of peace, safety.

Manuscripts in the Church Archives, one in the hand of Edward Partridge and another in the hand of William E. McLellin, date the revelation March 6, 1831.

[Kenney, Scott; Saints Without Halos, 'Doctrine and Covenants,' http://web.archive.org/web/20120805163534/saintswithouthalos.com/s/_dc.phtml]

25 years ago today - Mar 5, 1996

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher accepts an honorary doctorate at Brigham Young University.

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database (http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase)]]

100 years ago today - Mar 5, 1921

[Heber J. Grant]
Bishop Nibley remarked that he expected me to appoint my cousin Anthony W. Ivins as my counselor, that there was no doubt in his mind that people generally would expect it, as he considered Bro. Ivins the best informed and wisest man among the Apostles and that he would be the greatest help to me as a counselor. I incidentally remarked that the Presidency would be strictly Democratic, and he said, yes, but thought that would make no difference at all in my choosing my cousin as my counselor. Personally there is no man living who would please me more to have as a counselor than my own relative. However I desire to choose whoever the Lord wishes me to and certainly do not want to make a choice because of any personal preference.

[The Diaries of Heber J. Grant, 1880-1945, Abridged, Digital Edition Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

120 years ago today - Mar 5, 1901

[David H. Cannon] gave instructions in regard to Adam offering signs at the altar. Adam does not offer signs at the altar in the Telestial Room. He did not want any innovations in the endowments. Spoke of Pres[iden]t [Brigham] Young coming to him in vision and giving him important information in relation to his duty; visiting him three times in one night.

[Temple Minute Book, St. George, Mar. 5, 1901, typed excerpts in Buerger Papers, in Anderson, Devery; The Development of LDS Temple Worship, 1846-2000: A Documentary History, http://amzn.to/TempleWorship]

125 years ago today - Mar 5, 1896

[J. Golden Kimball]
At 10 AM agreeable with appointment met with the Presidency of the Church, Quorum of Apostles, and 1st Council of Seventies at the Temple in the large room occupied by Twelve Apostles. ... The object of the meeting being to consider Elder B. H. Roberts case. ... They agreed that they concurred with the apostles in not sustaining Elder Roberts unless he would humble himself and seek Council from the Pres[idency] of the Church ... Pres[idents]. Jos[eph]. F. Smith, Geo[rge]. Q. Cannon and Pres[ident] Willfo[r]d Woodruff spoke plainly upon the sustaining of the priesthood, and also regarding the position Bro[ther]. Roberts had taken in political matters viz. sep[a]ration of Church and State and Woman Suffrage. Elder Roberts then spoke explaining why he had taken such a course. Justified himself in accepting a nomination from the Democratic party without consulting with the Authorities. Presumed from conversations had with the bretheren that he had their permission, but in accepting a position in the Herald as Editor without their consent he believed he was wrong. He stated in answer to a question put to him by Pres[ident] Geo[rge] Q. Cannon that he considered it improper to ask council regarding political matters from men who were Republicans, and that it was ill becoming to an American citizen. ... The instance was called to his attention regarding the time he rebelled against the issuance of the Manifesto, You were wrong then, could it not be possible that you were wrong again. He manifested no change, notwithstanding the labors of all the brethren for 8 hours the first meeting and six hours at this meeting; There seemed to be no willingness to follow council. His mind was darkened and he desired the matter to be settled at once. Apostle [Brigham] Young [Jr.], after some talk from the brethren, motion[ed] that Brother Roberts be dropped from the Council of the Seventies, as one of its seven presidents, and be suspended from all action in the functions of the Priesthood. This meant that even if he repented at some future time he loses his place as one of the 1st council of the Seventies. The Brethren felt reluctant in crowding the matter and Apostle [Heber J.] Grant moved that three weeks from date of this meeting be given Bro[ther] Roberts before action be taken on Apostle Youngs motion. If at the expiration of that time Bro[ther] Roberts could not humble himself before the Quorum above mentioned action was to be taken agreeable with the resolution. It was a most solemn occasion and one that I will never forget...

[J. Golden Kimball, Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]