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[David O McKay] Conference with Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith re: Bruce R.  McConkie's book, "Mormon Doctrine." At the request of the First Presidency, I called President Joseph Fielding Smith, and told him that we are a unit in disapproving of Brother Bruce R. McConkie's book, "Mormon Doctrine," as an authoritative exposition of the principles of the gospel.  I then said, "Now, Brother Smith, hs is a General Authority, and we do not want to give him a public rebuke that would be embarrassing to him and lessen his influence with the members of the Church, so we shall speak to the Twelve at our meetingt in the Temple tomorrow, and tell them that Brother McConkie's book is not approved as an authoritative book, and that it should not be republished, even if the errors (some 1,067 of them) are corrected." Brother Smith agreed with this suggestion to report to the Twelve, and said, "That is the best thing to do." I then said that Brother McConkie is advocating by letter some of the
 principles as printed in his book in answer to letters he receives.  Brother Smith said, "I will speak to him about that."  I then mentioned that he is also speaking on these subjects, and Brother Smith said, "I will speak to him about that also." I also said that the First Presidency had decided that General Authorities of the Church should not publish books without submitting them to some member of the General Authorities, and President Smith agreed to this as being wise. (1)
-- 50 years ago - Wed Jan 27, 1960

Smith, Higbee, Rockwell, and Foster went to Washington by railroad, having sold Smith's carriage. They left Sidney Rigdon sick in Philadelphia for about another six weeks. (2)
-- 170 years ago - (Mon) Jan 27, 1840

Quorum of Twelve investigates Apostle Orson Pratt for rejecting Brigham Young's Adam-God teachings. Pratt states that he cannot see the Adam-God doctrine in Joseph's revelations. Young replies, "it was Joseph's doctrine that Adam was God" and that Joseph Smith privately taught the Adam-God doctrine to himself and a select few. This repeats similar trial in Mar. 1858, and the apostles vote to drop Pratt. Young intercedes to prevent Twelve from disfellowshipping or excommunicating Pratt, but apostles do not restore him to full fellowship until Apr 5. On Jul 25, DESERET NEWS publishes confession as Twelve require Pratt to revise it. (3)
-- 150 years ago - Jan 27, 1860

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