Today in Mormon History - Jan 25

Today in Mormon History ...

[Joseph Smith Sermon] On Saturday last (Jan. 25) a conference of elders was held in the Brandywine branch;  pres't. [President] Joseph Smith Jr. being present, was called to preside, and James Rodeback appointed  clerk. Two elders and two priests were ordained; great harmony prevailed in the meeting, and  much important instruction was given to the elders and members present by pres't Smith.
        The saints in that place appear determined to keep the commandments of God; and the visit of  brother Smith among them, I trust has tended much to strengthen, and confirm them in the faith  of the everlasting gospel. (1)
-- 170 years ago - 25Jan40

[Council of Fifty Members] Kimball, Charles S. (1843-1925). Was voted in 23 January 1867. Admitted 25 January 1867. (2)
-- Jan 25, 1867

[Anointed Quorum] Thursday prayer circle meeting at Brigham Young's house, "eight of the Twelve Apostles present," second anointing for Orson Hyde (HC, JS-F, MAQ, MHBY, WW). (3)
-- Jan 25, 1844

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