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Fayette, New York. Joseph Smith received Doctrine & Covenants 39, a revelation calling James Covill to be baptized and labor in Zion. (1)
-- Jan 5, 1831

Joseph Smith organizes the Nauvoo Lyceum where men could give presentations on theology "for the benefit of the Elders who are calculated to proclaim the Gospel to this Generation." He also announces a revelation against phrenology, text unavailable. (2)
-- Jan 5, 1841

[Revelations] Fayette, Seneca county, New York. Doctrine and Covenants 39. James Covill called to be baptized, preach, go to Ohio, gathering, signs of second coming (near).
Book of Commandments 41 heading: A Revelation to James (C. ,) given in Fayette, New-York, January, 1831.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 59 heading: Revelation to James Covill given New-York, January, 1831. (3)
-- Jan 5, 1831

[Sermon] Brigham Young: Sufferings of the Saints - Overcoming Evil With Good, &c, JD 9:101 - 108 (4)
-- Jan 5, 1860

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