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Green Flake is born into slavery on the Jordan Flake plantation in North Carolina. Green was the African-American slave who drove the wagon carrying Brigham Young across the plains. Green was owned by Mormon James M. Flake who lent him along with a wagon and two mules to the Church for the 1847 trek west. Upon the death of James M. Flake in 1850 his widow moved to California, a free state, but first donated her "Negro slave Green Flake" to the Church as tithing. Green worked two years for Brigham Young and for Heber C. Kimball, and was then granted his freedom. After his wife's death he moved to Idaho. He returned to Salt Lake in 1897 to attend the 50th anniversary "jubilee" celebration of the arrival of the pioneers, where he was given a certificate honoring him as a surviving member of the original pioneer company. He is one of three slaves listed on the plaque on the Brigham Young monument in downtown Salt Lake City under the category of "Colored Servants." (1)
-- Jan 6, 1828

Wilford Woodruff writes in his diary: "There is a great Exhertion Now making By the wicked & Esspecially By the Congress of the United States to get up a Crusade or war against the Saints under pr[etense] of [opposition to] Polygamy. A Bill is Before Congress to deprive the Latter Day Saints of keeping the Commandments of God. The Lord has Revealed the Law on the Patriarchal order of Marriage & the Lord says we shall be damned if we do not obey it & Congress says we shall be damned if we do. So it is the Lord & Congress for it. I would rather obey the Lord than Congress." (1)
-- 140 years ago - Jan 6, 1870

[Lucy Mack Smith] The first Kirtland Safety Society banknotes begin circulating; redemption in specie stops 23 January. By 1 February the notes are discounted at one bit (12.5 cents) on the dollar. (2)
-- Jan 6, 1837

[Sermon] Heber C. Kimball: Unity - Commandments of God, Etc., JD 8:327 - 334 (3)
-- Jan 6, 1861

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