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[Anointed Quorum] Sunday evening prayer circle meeting in the upper room of Joseph Smith's store, but he "did not go." Wilford Woodruff said it was a meeting "with the quorum of the Twelve. Conversed upon a variety of subjects building the Temple, the endowment &c." (HC, JS-F, MAQ, ww). MHBY and JS-1857 state that Brigham and Mary Ann Young received the second anointing on this date. If true, this was a repetition of the ceremony the couple originally received on 22 Nov. 1843. Someone besides Joseph Smith performed this repeated second anointing for Brigham and Mary Young (DMQ). (1)
-- Jan 14, 1844

[David O McKay] Was engaged in the meeting of the First Presidency. Among matters discussed at this meeting were the following: Elder Mark E. Petersen's proposed editorial on books by General Authorities. A draft of a proposed editorial for the Improvement Era, prepared by Elder Mark E. Petersen, on the subject of selecting good books, and upon the approval of the publication of books by the First Presidency, was read. After consideration it was decided that the general statement, without the reference to "Mormon Doctrine" and "Ancient America and the Book of Mormon," which should be handled separately, would be a suitable editorial on the subject of selecting good books. Further action on the matter of publishing a statement relating to the approval of books by the First Presidency was deferred awaiting consideration of the subject by me with President Joseph Fielding Smith. (2)
-- 50 years ago - Thu Jan 14, 1960

[Sermon] Charles W. Penrose: Revealed Religion and Man - Made Methods of Worship - Only One True and Acceptable Way to Worship God - Ancient and Modern Revelations Corroborate Each Other - God's Spirit the Light and Life of the Whole World - Men Generally Choose Darkness Rather Than Light - The Coming Forth of the Light in the Latter Days - Joseph Smith: and His Doctrines - The Speaker's Personal Experience - The Operations of the Spirit - The Way to Obtain Knowledge From God - The Necessity of Priesthood and Church Government - The Head of the Church God's Mouthpiece to the Church - The Perfection, Beauty, and Harmony of the Lord's Work, JD 23:343 - 356 (3)
-- Jan 14, 1883

The US federal government announced the return of 84,000 acres in northern Utah to the Ute Indians. The land was taken in 1916 for the rights to oil shale reserves. (4)
-- 10 years ago - Jan 14, 2000

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