Today in Church History - Jan 16

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[Benson, Ezra Taft] Sealed in Nauvoo Temple to Adaline Brooks Andrus 16 January 1846. (1)
-- Jan 16, 1846

In Dublin, Indiana, Joseph Smith "destitute of money" says to Brigham Young, "You are one of the Twelve who have charge of the kingdom in all the world; I believe I shall throw myself upon you, and look to you for counsel in this case." Brigham Young helps "Brother Tomlinson" sell his farm and Joseph "got three hundred dollars from Brother Tomlinson, which enabled me to pursue my journey." (2)
-- Jan 16, 1838

Heber J. Grant writes in his diary: "Spent the evening at Emily's. I will be a happy man when the time comes that I can live with her as a husband and not have to simply call and spend a few hours, and never stop over night at her home." (2)
-- Jan 16, 1895

[Joseph Smith] An agreement between Joseph Sr. and Martin Harris on selling the Book of Mormon is witnessed by Oliver Cowdery. [MANCHESTER,] (3)
-- 180 years ago - Jan 16, 1830

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