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TodayInMormonHistory.com posts a few items (daily) of Latter Day Saint history that occurred on that day.

The entries are drawn from a church history database containing over 100,000 entries.  A computer selects candidate posts each morning for anniversary years divisible by 5 (5, 10, 15, 20 ... years ago).

An algorithm selects a few candidate entries from the list. The selected items are then posted to blog, twitter, an email group, a website and facebook. Links in the right-hand column can be used to sign up daily delivery.

The database is made up from a variety of sources, which were included if they had information that could contribute to a more complete understanding of Mormon history. The material is presented as is,and represent the original author's interpretation and not necessarily that of todayinmormonhistory. Occasionally it may be reformatted or shortened for readability.  If you are an author or owner of information posted here and have questions about the use of your material, contact the editor at this address.

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  1. This is a great site. I have started using some of the Today in Mormon History blogs in our ward bulletin. One minor suggestion. Could you post for the entine week? That way I could use Sunday's on Sunday. Our ward members all love it and I do give the website so they can check it out for themselves. Thanks

  2. I have recently been called as the ward bulletin specialist (I don't know the exact name, but I am responsible for typing up the ward program each week)
    Just like Anon above, I would appreciate if I could get Sunday's history before Sunday, so I can include something interesting in the program.
    I think you can respond, since I am signed in, but if not, message me (or leave a note on my blog) and I'll send you my email.


  3. Excellent site. Thanks for your hard work and diligence.

  4. I would also like "preview of the week" at ed.jessee@yahoo.com . . . thanks

  5. Having read this day's offerings for the first time, I am left to wonder how they were selected. In an above explanation, "An algorithm selects a few candidate entries from the list. Sometimes, an editor manually selects items from that list." I get that. However, if today's list is similar to other day's, I can only conclude early church leaders and members sound like idiots.

  6. An effort is made to select items that are interesting, or perhaps not commonly known, or that provide new information, or important events. And sometimes there is not a lot of choice.

    Often I rely on materials other have selected -- for example, quotations from sermons. I don't have time to read all the sermons given on a particular day, so I rely on others who have selected quotations -- which was the case for some of the material today.

    Older material is available for review at this website to get a sense of the types of material presented.

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