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LDS political newspaper "Salt Lake Herald" reports George Q. Cannon's interview with pro-Mormon Omaha "Herald," in part "Polygamous marriages have ceased entirely so far as I know." In fact, in Endowment House alone, 107 men married polygamously in 1879 and 136 in 1880, most performed by general authorities. (1)
-- 130 years ago - Jan 8, 1880

Kirtland, Ohio. During the month of January, Joseph Smith was engaged in the School of the Prophets and in preparing a set of lectures on theology for publication in the Doctrine and Covenants. (2)
-- 175 years ago - about Jan 8, 1835

Bountiful Utah Temple; Location: Bountiful, Utah, USA; Announcement: 6 April 1991; Dedication: 8 January 1995 by Howard W. Hunter; Style: Classic modern, single-spire design - designed by Allen B. Erekson (3)
-- 15 years ago - Jan 8, 1995

[Utah] First Presidency decides that Bruce R. McConkie's Mormon Doctrine "must not be re-published, as it is full of errors and misstatements, and it is most unfortunate that it has received such wide circulation." They are exasperated that McConkie and his publisher released the book without pre-publication publicity or notifying First Presidency. Even his father-in-law, senior apostle, Joseph Fielding Smith, "did not know anything about it until it was published." This is McConkie's way to avoid repetition of Presidency's stopping his pre-announced Sound Doctrine three years earlier. Committee of two apostles (Mark E. Petersen and Marion G. Romney) report that McConkie's Mormon Doctrine contains 1,067 doctrinal errors. For example, page 493 said: "Those who falsely and erroneously suppose that God is progressing in knowledge and gaining new truths cannot exercise sufficient faith in him to gain salvation until they divest themselves of their false beliefs." However, McCo
nkie is affirming doctrine of omniscience officially condemned by previous First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1865. In announcing their decision to the Twelve on 28 Jan 1960, First Presidency says there should be no revised edition of Mormon Doctrine. Presidency reverses initial decision on 7 Jan. "that the book should be officially repudiated." (4)
-- 50 years ago - Jan 7-8,1960

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