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[Corrill, John] Baptized 10 January 1831. (1)
-- Jan 10, 1831

Sixty-eight-year-old Brigham Young drives the last spike to complete the Utah Central Railroad connecting Ogden to Salt Lake City. An "elegantly" engraved "large steel Mallet was used on the occasion . . . There was Engraved a Bee-hive surmounted by the inscription Holiness to the Lord." Wilford Woodruff offers the final prayer: "O, God, our Eternal Father we have assembled on this occasion to Celebrate one of the greatest & grandest Events of the generation in which we live, . . . " The completion of this last link connected Salt Lake City to the Union Pacific lines and thus by rail to the rest of the country. (2)
-- 140 years ago - Jan 10, 1870

N. Eldon Tanner, chair of LDS Personnel Committee, writes all leaders "in Wasatch Front Stakes" to invite members to serve as unpaid volunteers at headquarters. Follow-up letter Apr. 16, 1981 comments: "Their work has resulted in significant savings to the Church" and asks for more volunteers "with managerial, technical, or clerical skills." (2)
-- 30 years ago - Jan 10, 1980

[Sermon] Joseph F. Smith: The Sacrament - A Saint of God - The Eternity of Our Religion - Matrimony, JD 12:346 - 351 (3)
-- Jan 10, 1869

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