Today in Church History - Jan 12

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President Brigham Young, preaching against "swareing or takeing the name of God in vain," says "the time might Come when the Lord would require him & the Elders of Israel to sharpen up their swords & go fourth & hew down the wicked in their midst. He said any Righteous man that Herd any one of his Children take the name of God in vain that He might whip them until He was satisfied." (1)
-- Jan 12, 1851

At the weekly meeting in the Salt Lake Temple of the First Presidency and Apostles, Rudger Clawson writes that "the tables were spread and the brethren partook of the sacrament. After the bread and wine were blessed by Pres. Snow, [they] ate and drank freely until satisfied. It was indeed a time of refreshing and one long to be remembered." (1)
-- Jan 12, 1899

Joseph Smith Jr. and others flee Kirtland, fearing their safety in wake of assertions dealing with the legality and financial viability of the Kirtland Safety Society. (2)
-- Jan 12, 1838

[Joseph Smith Sermon] Shows Papyri Unitarian Preacher (3)
-- 12Jan36

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