Today in Church History - Jan 24

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Fayette, New York. Joseph Smith and others saw in vision the growth of the Church. (1)
-- Jan 24, 1831

[U.S. Religious History] On this night, William Murray (son of American atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair) had a dream which he interpreted as a religious vision from God, leading to his conversion to a fundamentalist brand of Christianity. He gave up drinking and smoking and engaged in efforts to undue the separation of church and state which his mother had long struggled for. (2)
-- 30 years ago - Jan 24, 1980

[Uncannonized Post-Joseph Smith Revelation] Revelation to Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 24 January 1845
I inquired of the Lord whether we should stay here [Nauvoo] and finish the temple
the ansure [answer] was we should
(Brigham Young Journal, 24 Jan. 1845, LDS archives, typed copy) (3)
-- Jan 24, 1845

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