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Time & Seasons. (Vol. 1. No. 3. Commerce, Illinois, January, 1840): [p. 43] "In this No. will be seen an article which we copy from the New York Era," Signed P. P. Pratt, it's in contradiction to the foolish simple priest fabricated tale that has been going the rounds, charging Sidney Rigdon with the crime of making the Book of Mormon, out of the romantic writings of one Solomon Spaulding &c." This editorial notice written by Ebenezer Robinson and/or Don Carlos Smith. This issue also reprinted "A Cunning Device Detected" from the Quincy Whig of Nov. 16, 1839. (1)
-- 170 years ago - mid-Jan 1840

Salt Lake Tribune publishes statement from David O. McKay's son who verifies accuracy of following statement LDS president made to philosophy professor Sterling M. McMurrin in 1958: "There is no doctrine in this Church and there never was a doctrine in this Church to the effect that the Negroes are under any kind of a divine curse." (2)
-- 40 years ago - Jan 15, 1970

Fayette, New York. Joseph Smith reportedly saw in vision the face of Newel K. Whitney, who would later receive him and his wife, Emma Smith, in Kirtland, Ohio, on February 1. (3)
-- about Jan 15, 1831

[Smith, John] Sealed to Ann Carr 15 January 1846. (4)
-- Jan 15, 1846

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