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In England Wilford Woodruff performs and exorcism: "I was called upon with my Brethren to visit a child possessed of the Devil that endeavored to destroy the child. It was the child of the Woman that was possessed with the Devil upon whome we lade hands Saturday evening. (Jan 29, 1840). We lade hands upon the child that was reathing under the power of the Deavil & commanded the Devil to Depart in the name of Jesus Christ & it was instantly done & the child fell asleep." (1)
-- 170 years ago - Jan 20, 1840

Concerning Mormon woman who commits suicide due to chronic illness, Brigham Young says, "she had done wrong but by no means had committed the unpardonable sin and in course of time a proxy could be appointed who could be baptized for her." (1)
-- 150 years ago - Jan 20, 1860

Salt Lake City School of Prophets "turn[s] into a caucus meeting, for the purpose of nominating our City officers, preparatory to the forthcoming Election." (1)
-- 140 years ago - Jan 20, 1870

Utah Supreme Court rules that polygamous children cannot inherit from their father, even though Utah law since 1852 guaranteed: "Illegitimate children and their mothers inherit in like manner from the father, whether acknowledged by him or not." (1)
-- 120 years ago - Jan 20, 1890

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