40 years ago today - Apr 1, 1983

Final issue of SEVENTH EAST PRESS includes an april-fool insert parodying the DAILY UNIVERSE. Headline is "ROTC reveals plan to deploy MX on campus," The MX story is accompanied by a photo of BYU President Jeffery Holland with other BYU officials in a ground-breaking ceremony. Another article announces plans to implant land mines to discourage students from taking short cuts across the grass. President "Holliday" is quoted as saying, "Sure we're going to lose a few students at first. But the kind of kids who would cut across the grass don't belong here at BYU anyway." In another article about censorship at BYU, Jae R. "Bailiff," academic vice-president, says, "I'm glad you asked me about that. Censorship at BYU is so negligible, the topic need not even be discussed. And I refuse to discuss it any further." An advertisement for "Deserted Book" features "Developing a Personal Relationship with the Apostles, by George Peace and Questions to Gospel Answers, by Egg MacMurrin. An advertisement for the "Desperate News" promises to include fast-offering envelopes in their Sunday edition.

Bullock & Losee Jewelers consideres taking court action because of a derisive imitation of advertisements they frequently run in the Daily Universe. "My husband and I felt it was in very poor taste," JoAnn B. Losee tells the real DAILY UNIVERSE, "and most likely reflects the content of the rest of their paper.

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