130 years ago today - 30 April 1893 ¿ Sunday

[George Q. Cannon]
I drove to President Woodruff¿s at midday accompanied by my sons Brigham and Sylvester. When I saw him I was alarmed at his condition. He seemed to me almost in a comatose condition, and I regretted that I had not had word sent to me. ... They told me that he had been quite rational and that this sleep and seeming coma was due to morphine ... When I learned this my fears were somewhat allayed, as that explanation accounted for that which I feared was coma. ... when he felt his pulse he announced to me that President Woodruff was falling into a comatose condition and that he was suffering from ureamic poisoning which produced this coma. This announcement to the family caused quite a sensation, and in response to my enquiries as to whether he considered his condition dangerous, he replied that it was dangerous. I told him then that if this were the case I must telegraph to the Twelve and members of the family. He advised me to do so. ... They both appeared to think, and especially Dr. Wilcox, that the end would come in a comparitively short period of time. For myself, I could not see the changes which they described yet I supposed that he was in a comatose condition and would probably not rouse again. We were all mistaken, however, in this opinion. He was exhausted doubtless for want of sleep, and his sleep was a natural one; for about a quarter past one in the morning he awoke, and I introduced Brother Franklin D. Richards to him. He was fully conscious, knew Brother Richards and myself and then dropped off to sleep again. In the morning at daylight he was quite himself again, and I felt greatly encouraged. ...

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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