180 years ago today - Apr 7, 1843

Orson Pratt preaches, "Resurrection of the body is denyed by many because it is contrary to the laws of nature, because flesh and bones are constantly changing, completely new in 7 or 10 years. If this is true a man in 70 years would have matter enough for 10 different bodies. Objector says this resurrection cannot be true, for if so, men would be quarreling which body belong[s] to himself and others. Who shall have the best right to it. I do not believe that more than 3/4 of our bodies is comprised of animal organization, but is purely vegetable. Hence through all the 70 years a man will have one or two parts, which will be the same original. If he receives the matter he was in possession of 50 years before he died, he has the same body."

Joseph Smith later adds, "Their is no fundamental principle belonging to a human System that 'ever goes into another in this world or the world to come.' The principle of Bro[ther] Pratt was correct. I care not what the theories of men are. We have the testimony that God will raise us up and he has power to do it. If any one supposes that any part of our bodies that is the fundamental parts thereof, ever goes into another body he is mistaken."

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