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[Critical Books] Wood, Charles L. (2004-01-01). The Mormon Conspiracy. Black Forest Press. ISBN 1-58275-036-X. (1)
-- 5 years ago - 2004-01-01

Russian Author Leo Tolstoy writes in his journal, "I got up, cut wood, it was warm, and I went to breakfast. My thoughts were brighter. A beautiful letter from an American woman." The "American woman" was Susa Young Gates, daughter of Brigham Young, who also sent a copy of the Book of Mormon and a copy of George Q. Cannon's LIFE OF JOSEPH SMITH. (2)
-- 120 years ago - Jan 1, 1889

Presiding Bishopric instructions "that as near as circumstances will permit boys be ordained as follows: Deacons at twelve, Teachers at fifteen and Priests at eighteen years of age." For first time Aaronic Priesthood officers are conferred generally on teenage boys, although age intervals later change to twelve, fourteen, and sixteen. (2)
-- 100 years ago - Jan 1, 1909

End of congregational hymn-singing and general meeting prior to individual Sunday School classes, as per First Presidency announcement on 25 Sept. 1993. (2)
-- 15 years ago - Jan 1, 1994

Deadline for all Mormons to leave Jackson county. Clay county conference resolves to send Lyman Wight and Parley P. Pratt to Kirtland for advice. Parley and Lyman leave Jackson county for Kirtland. (3)
-- 175 years ago - Jan 1, 1834

Liberty, Missouri. Joseph Smiths history proclaimed the irony that he was imprisoned in a land of liberty due to his worship of God. (4)
-- 170 years ago - Jan 1, 1839

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