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A survey of Exponent II readers shows that 66 percent rate themselves "very active" with an additional 18 percent reporting themselves as "above average" in activity; 43 percent are employed; 95 percent have attended college; 95 percent subscribe to the Ensign, 35 percent subscribe to Dialogue, and 22 percent subscribe to Sunstone. They average 3. children. (1)
-- 30 years ago - Winter 1979-80.

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith baptized Sidney Rigdon for and in behalf of Elder Rigdons parents. The Prophet also baptized Reynolds Cahoon and others. (2)
-- Dec 28, 1841

[Joseph Smith] Cowdery writes to Joseph Jr. from Manchester: "it may look rather strange to you to find that I have so soon become a printer." (3)
-- 180 years ago - Dec 28, 1829

[Same Sex Marriage] An announcement is made that Jack Hoag (the Church's lawyer in Hawaii, CEO of First Hawaiian Bank, the President and Chairman of Hawaii Reserves, Inc., and member of the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii, Manoa) is working on something important, possibly the creation of Hawaii's Future Today (personal communication from Bill Woods, organizer of GLEA (Gay and Lesbian Education and Advocacy) FOUNDATION and the HAWAII MARRIAGE PROJECT that brought together the three couples that initiated the court case in behalf of same-sex marriage.) (4)
-- late Dec 1995

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