Today in Church History - Dec 13

On this day in Church History ...

[Joseph Smith] Young adds Peter, James, and John to the cast of the acted portion of the endowment ceremony. (1)
-- Dec 13, 1845

"Mike Hansen" leaves Mark Hofmann fingerprint, which police later find, on receipt at Salt Lake Stamp Company. (2)
-- 25 years ago - Dec 12, 1984

[Mountain Meadows] Indian Superintendent Forney arrives in Washington, D.C. with the two oldest surviving boys from the massacre. Forney hopes the boys will be allowed to testify before Congress. (3)
-- 150 years ago - Dec 12, 1859

[Whitmer, Peter, Jr] Arrived in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, 13 December 1830; there employed as tailor. (4)
-- Dec 13, 1830

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