Today in Church History - Dec 24

On this day in Church History ...

[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Begins to use the title Elder instead of Apostle. (1)
-- Dec 24, 1902

About this time Porter Rockwell and Elias Higbee arrive at Philadelphia with Smith's carriage from Washington, PA, where they had been some time, leaving Elder Rigdon there sick, and Dr. Robert E. Foster to take care of him. (2)
-- 170 years ago - c. (Mon) Dec 24, 1839

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smiths history reported the expulsion of four elderly families by the mobs from Independence, Missouri. (3)
-- Dec 24, 1833

Nauvoo, Illinois. In the evening, Joseph Smith consulted with President [Brigham] Young and Bishop [Newel] Whitney about establishing an agency in England for the cheap and expeditious conveyance of the Saints to Nauvoo. (3)
-- Dec 24, 1841

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