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At 3 p.m. Anointed Quorum members began re-performing for each other in the Nauvoo temple the first washing and anointing they had previously received in various non-temple buildings. At 7:40 p.m., they began "to commence and go through with the ordinances" of the endowment ceremony. The re-performance of these ordinances continued until 3 a.m. for these previously endowed members of the Anointed Quorum (WC-S). HC emphasizes females as the officiators, specifically Mary Ann Young, Vilate Kimball, and Elizabeth Ann Whitney, and itemizes the joint participation of females and males: Brigham and Mary Ann Young, Heber and Vilate Kimball, Orson and Nancy Marinda Hyde, Parley and Mary Ann Pratt, John and Leonora Taylor, George and Bathsheba Smith, Willard Richards (whose only endowed wife had died), Amasa and Maria Louisa Lyman, John and Mary Page, John and Clarissa Smith, Lucy Mack Smith, Newel and Elizabeth Ann Whitney, George and Catharine Miller, William and Sally Phelps,
John M. Bernhisel, Alpheus and Lois Cutler, Levi Richards, Reynolds and Thirza Cahoon, William Clayton (whose endowed wives were inexplicably not present), Lucien and Phebe Woodworth, Orson and Catharine Spencer, and widows Agnes M. Smith, Mercy R. Thompson, and Mary Fielding Smith. (1)
-- Dec 10, 1845

[Book of Mormon Translation] Harmony, Joseph and Emma move into the old Jesse Hale house. (2)
-- about Monday, Dec 10, 1827

Joseph returns to Kirtland. Thomas B. Marsh (3)
-- Dec 10, 1837

Joseph Smith III dies, Kirkland, OH. (4)
-- Dec 10, 1914

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