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[Apostle Rudger Clawson] Receives important letter, which makes him happy, then sends important Christmas present to unidentified "special" friend. (1)
-- Dec 19, 1903

According to his lawyer, James A. Briggs, D. P. Hurlbut "was present with the committee" when it assembled for its next meeting in Mentor, "and had Spaulding's original manuscript with him. We compared it, chapter by chapter with the Mormon Bible. It was written in the same style; many of the names were the same, and we came to the conclusion, from all the testimony before us, that the Rev. Sidney Rigdon, the eloquent Mormon preacher, made the Mormon Bible from this manuscript. Of this the committee had no doubt whatever." (2)
-- about (Thr) Dec 19, 1833

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith spoke about the parable of the vine and its branches at a meeting with the Twelve Apostles in his home. (3)
-- Dec 19, 1841

William Clayton Marries ninth wife, Elizabeth Ainsworth. (4)
-- 140 years ago - Dec 19, 1869

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