175 years ago today - Dec 3, 1845

[Recently excommunicated apostle William] Wm. Smiths goods ware sold. J. [Jedediah] Grant bid [auctioned] them. This was done by the Twelve to save them from other Depts [debts]. They ware sold on Lalrifs dept [by sherrif's order]. It is now 1 Oclock. We are now putting up the petitions [partitions] in the big Hall [of the Nauvoo Temple]. ... J. M. Grant spent a chort time, he has not recieved his washings. Some part of petitions finished. The News come to us that Wm. Smith and George Adams was giving thare Affidavits against the Twelve, as being treaseners [treasonous] ... B. [Brigham] Young, H. C. K. [Heber C. Kimball], O. [Orson] Hide, P. [Parley] Pratt, G. [George] A. Smith, John Tailor, met in the 2 Room. Clothed and praid, Elder O. Hide being Mouth. Asked the Lord to bless His people and to open our way to go west, and to over come our enemies and let them fall in to the snars they lay for his servents.

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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