150 years ago today - Dec 24, 1870

Patriarchal Blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of [future apostle] Moses Thatcher... he [God] hath given thine Angel charge concerning thee; He hath protected thee from the Destroyer, and hath preserved thy life for a wise purpose; therefore seek wisdom and thou shalt know the will of the Lord concerning thee. Thy course shall be made clear and thou shalt comprehend future events. ... Live up to thy priviledges [privileges] and thou shalt become a mighty man in Israel and thy name shall be heard among the nations of the earth, and the wicked shall tremble at the sound of thy voice, and if necessary thou shalt command elements, and the waves of the sea shall obey thy voice. Thou shalt also assist in avenging the blood of the saints and Prophets which was shed by the ungodly; Be prudent and thou shalt live to a good old age; thy posterity shall be numerous and bear thy name in honorable remembrance from generation to generation. This Blessing I seal upon thy head, and I seal thee up unto eternal life ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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