145 years ago today - Dec 3, 1875; Friday

Today about Sixty Pima and Papago Indi- ans assembled and we held a meeting. The indians were very much interested. One man in particular he said he thanked God that he had lived to see this day. Said he knew us we were the people who were to be the conquerors of the country. He was very an^x^cious to when our people would be in his country. Bro. [Daniel] Jones told him he thought it would be a year or two. He said he had in- tended to move away but now he should remain untill they came.

[Anderson, Elizabeth Oberdick, editor, Cowboy Apostle: The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins: 1875-1932, Signature Books, Salt Lake City in association with the Smith-Pettit Foundation (2013) - http://bit.ly/AnthonyIvins]

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