75 years ago today - Late December 1945

After several turned Ezra Taft Benson down (including former European mission presidents), Fredrick Babbel accepted a "call" as an assistant and translator for Benson for his post-World War II relief mission. Babbel recalled they did not engage in a lot of conversation. "I never interrupted him at all. I was told before I left that I should never counsel him in any way unless he asked for it. Later on I found out why, because he would consider every matter very seriously. He is an extremely intense individual. I found him to have such a dynamic faith that if a difficult situation arose he believed not in leaving it in the hands of the Lord but in doing everything within his power to help bring it about and then trust that whatever his deficiencies were they would be made up."

[Gary James Bergera, "Ezra Taft Benson's 1946 Mission to Europe" Journal of Mormon History 34:2 (Spring 2008)]

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