75 years ago today - Dec 29, 1945

[First Presidency statement]
"... people who pride themselves on their strict observance of the rules and ordinances and ceremonies of the Church, are led astray by false spirits who exercise an influence so imitative of that which proceeds from a Divine source that even these persons who think they are 'the very elect'"

..."No person has the right to induce his fellow members of the Church to engage in speculations or take stock in ventures of any kind on the specious claim of divine revelation or vision or dream...

"We feel it our duty to warn the Latter-day Saints against mining schemes which have no warrant for success beyond the professed spiritual manifestations of their projectors and the influence gained over the excited minds of their victims. We caution the Saints against investing money or property in shares of stock which bring no profit to anyone but those who issue and trade in them.

"Financial schemes to make money for the alleged purpose of 'redeeming Zion' or providing means for the 'salvation of the dead' or other seemingly worthy objects should not deceive anyone acquainted with the order of the Church, and will result only in waste of time and labor, which might be devoted now to doing something tangible and worthy and of record on earth and in heaven...


[Deseret News, Church Section, December 29, 1945, in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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