Today in Mormon History - Feb 24

Today in Mormon History ...

On a mission in Manchester, England William Clayton writes in his journal, "Have advised the Saints to give up the practice of kissing." Manchester Mormons, as well as some other English saints took seriously Paul's suggestion to the Romans that they "salute one another with an holy kiss," (Rom 16:16). Interestingly Joseph Smith in his "Inspired version" has changed this passage to read "salute one another with a holy salute." (1)
-- 170 years ago - Feb 24, 1840

Counselor J. Reuben Clark tells BYU's president: "You have got some members of the faculty who are destroying the faith of our students. You ought to get rid of them" (1)
-- 50 years ago - Feb 24, 1960

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE article tells of Darla Tarrant's attempt to become excommunicated from LDS church. Tarrant, a teminally ill widow, wishes to sever any connections with LDS church before she dies. In writing, she asks three bishops three different times to be formally excommunicated. Her requests, however, are responded to with "vague excuses" and "the same patronizing response of having my wish ignored." Because of Tarrant case and case of Norman Hancock in Mesa, Arizona who sues the church to be allowed to resign his membership, procedures for membership resignation are put in the 1989 edition of the CHURCH HANDBOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS. (1)
-- 25 years ago - Feb 24, 1985

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