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Today in Mormon History ...

[David O McKay] The First Presidency had an interview with Governor George D. Clyde at his request. The Governor reported this visit with other governors with President Eisenhower and others on Civil Defense projects, having particular reference to air-raid shelters from atomic and hydrogen bombs and fall-out from such bombs. Governor Clyde's report was not a very encouraging one as to the improbability of an attack. The entire hour was occupied entirely with discussing the necessity of securing bomb shelters, not only in government, but in our own Church buildings and in private dwellings. Steps will be taken not only by the government, but by other organizations and by the Church to have bomb shelters in new buildings that are being erected. (1)
-- 50 years ago - Thu Feb 4, 1960

In England William Clayton writes, "Sarah Crooks gave me a pint of porter [porter's ale, a dark brown beer]" While Clayton has left his wife and family to go on a mission to England both he and Sarah Crooks wish they could be married to each other. (2)
-- 170 years ago - Feb 4, 1840

Lyman E Johnson: Ordained an apostle 14 Feb. 1835 (3)
-- 175 years ago - Feb 4, 1835

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