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Today in Mormon History ...

The final three of the first Twelve Apostles of the church (Parley P. Pratt, Thomas B. Marsh and Orson Pratt) are ordained and blessed. Joseph Smith then gives the Twelve their charge before sending them out as missionaries. He says, "Should you in the least degree come short of your duty, great will be your condemnation, for the greater the calling, the greater the transgression. . . .Never cease striving until you have seen God, face to face. Strengthen your faith, cast off your doubts, your sins and all your unbelief and nothing can prevent you from coming to God. Your ordination is not full and complete till God has laid his hand upon you." Parley P. Pratt's blessing states " that nothing shall prevail against him, . . . Let sickness and death have no power over him; . . . No arm that is formed and lifted against thee shall prosper, . . ." Twenty-two years later Pratt is murdered by the legal husband of a woman he took as a plural wife. (1)
-- 175 years ago - Feb 21, 1835

Brigham Young visits the Historian's office and requests five books be written including "Short Biography of the life of Brigham Young." Young also orders the DESERET NEWS to "take out Orson Pratt's sermon" from the front page and "put another sermon in instead and give a reason for so doing." (1)
-- 150 years ago - Feb 21, 1860

"Gov Brigham Young" tells the "Legislature of the State of Deseret" that "All the United States as it were are at war with us trying to pass Bills through Congress to destroy us for our religion." (1)
-- 140 years ago - Feb 21, 1870

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