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Today in Mormon History ...

At the Sunday meeting in the tabernacle. "O[rson] Hyde preached upon the Concentration of the mind followed by O. Pratt upon the same subject. He spoke of the great acheivments of Sir Isaac Newton upon this principle and many others had accomplished great things by the great Concentration of the mind which Could be not accomplished upon any other Principle. This principle should be applyied in all our spiritual devotions. Mathimatics was an excellent subject to discipline the mind upon." (1)
-- 150 years ago - Feb 12, 1860

First singles ward created at University of Utah. (1)
-- 60 years ago - Feb 12, 1950

[Letters and Diary Accounts of Gold Plates] Lucius Fenn to Birdseye Bronson, 12 February 1830
There is som[e]thing that has taken place lately that is mysterious to us[.] it is this[:] there has been a bible found by 3 men but a short distance from us which is som[e]thing remarkable we think. there was it is said an an angel appeared to these 3 men and told them that there was a bible concealed in such a place and if one of them would go to that place he would find it[.] he went and found as the angel said[.] it was a stone chest[.] what is most to be wondered at is this that the man that found it could not read at all in the english language but he read this bible and nobody else cannot[.] it has been concealed there for fourteen hundred years[.] it is written on a kind of gold leaf[.] it is the same that ours is only there is an addition to it[.] they are a printing it in Palmyra[.] it is expected that it <will> come out soon so that we can see it[.] it speaks of the Millenniam day and tells when it is a going to take plais a and it tells that the man that is to
find this bible his name as [is] Joseph and his fathers name is Joseph. (2)
-- 180 years ago - Feb 12, 1830

1 - On This Day in Mormon History,
2 - Larry E. Morris, I Should Have an Eye Single to the Glory of God: Joseph Smith's Account of the Angel and the Plates

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