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[Black History] Jane Manning James requests proxy polygamous sealing,
Dear Brother - - Please excuse me taking the Liberty of Writing to you - but be a Brotherby answering my questions - There by satisfying my mind - - First, as Brother James [her husband Isaac] has Left me 21 years - And a Coloured Brother, Brother Lewis wished me to be sealed to Him, He has been dead 35 or 36 years - can i be sealed to him - parley P Pratt or dained Him an Elder. When or how[?] can i ever be sealed to Him.
Although not named, this refers to Elder Walker Lewis, during his visit to Utah in 1851-2. She also incorrectly stated that Parley P. Pratt ordained him an elder, when it was William Smith. Perhaps Pratt baptized Lewis a Mormon and she confused the two events. (1)
-- 120 years ago - Feb 7, 1890

In England British Mission President Joseph Fielding and John Taylor take turns blessing each other. John Taylor "afterwards gave an address in tongues and interpreted." (2)
-- 170 years ago - Feb 7, 1840

First Presidency letter to all presiding officers "on the subject of rape," includes following: "Persons who consciously invite sexual advances also have a share of responsibility for the behavior that follows. But persons who are truly forced into sexual relations are victims and are not guilty of any sexual sin-.The extent of resistance required to establish that the victim has not willingly consented is left to the judgment of the victim, who is best acquainted with the total circumstances and their effect on his or her will." (2)
-- 25 years ago - Feb 7, 1985

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