Today in Mormon History - Feb 08

Today in Mormon History ...

At a special meeting of the First Presidency and the Twelve with thirty-eight of the Church's sixty-two stake presidents, President Joseph F. Smith reiterates that the church must keep its pledge to the federal government. "No one has the authority to solemnize plural marriages," President Smith says, adding that if marriages were performed, he would be held responsible. There is some dissension in the meeting, but President Smith stands firm (1)
-- 100 years ago - Feb 8, 1910

Brigham and Joseph Young sing for Joseph. "The Spirit of the Lord was poured out upon us, and I told them I wanted to see those brethren together, who went up to Zion in the camp, the previous summer, for I had a blessing for them." (2)
-- 175 years ago - Feb 8, 1835

Liberty, Missouri. After Joseph Smiths failed escape attempt, local citizens gathered outside of Liberty Jail and threatened to kill him and his fellow inmates. Joseph prophesied that they would be kept safe. (3)
-- Feb 8, 1839

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3 - BYU Studies Journal, volume 46, no. 4: A Chronology of the Life of Joseph Smith

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