175 years ago today - Dec 8, 1845

[Heber C. Kimball]
... Elder Phelps Brought in some grape Vines, and hung cluster of Rasens [raisins] to them as the chois [choice] fruit [in the garden room]. Pr. B. Young quite sick, Lays on his couch. I have just got up the curtens over the top of the canvas. ... Phinas, A. Young, Pr. B. Young chasened him [Phineas] for marking his churts [shirts]—after the order of the Preasthood—fore it was Forgary [forgery] and wicked in the sight of God. He, Phineus, said he thought it was the marks of a Master Mason. It was advised by our Presiden[t Brigham Young that] Phineus, and his son Brigham H., Jessa [Jessie] D. Hunter, Hosa[e] Stout go to England soon as possable. ... Our paintings and Maps are hungup, and all things Look well and Heavenly. It is now dusk. John D. Lee and others have been fitting up stoves in the two west rooms, as they will be devoted to washing and Anointing and to heat water. We have two Large traves [troughs? lavers?], made fore Baptising the sick in, one was made by B. Young, and one by me self for our famiies so we devote them to the good of all the saints. Three men can wash in either of them at the same time. The Br. are now begining to come in fore prair and council. ... Our meting small this Evning. It is now 25 to 7. All the Brethren clothed, 15 present. Conversing about famains [famines] in England and other parts [of the world?]. Georg Miller was mouth. Got through at 7 Oclock, then dismesed [dismissed] and went home. I went to B. Fuller to see two sisters from Boston. From thence went to Steven Winchesters to Lay hands on Mariah Winchester. She had fits. When I got home I tired out, half past 10.

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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