175 years ago today - Dec 7, 1845

[Heber C. Kimball]
The following Persons are members of the Holy Order of the Holy Preasthood having Recieved it in the Life time of Joseph and Hirum, the Prophets. Elder B. Young went and gave the Brethren and Sisters present a view of the Seprate rooms, and the object of them, then pute up the Veil and choe [showed] the Order of it. The Brethren and Sisters clothed half past one, commenced our meeting at two Oclock. Meeting [opened] by prair by Joseph Fielding, sung humn and Elder John Tailor spoke a chort time then H. C. Kimball spoke. Elder B. was sick and had to retire to his room and lay down on his couch. Then Elder O. Hide gave a chort exortation. After he closed, him [hymn] sung. Then H. C. K. [Heber C. KImball], N. K. [Newell K. Whitney] brock [broke] Bread. Blessed by H. C. K. Elder B. Young come in pertaock [partook], carid around by N. K. Wine, blest by Joseph Young, Carrid round by N. K. Singing while the wine going round. Then El. P. P. Pratt rose and spoke on a simeler object before the pople. W. W. Pheps spoke. It was 3 Oclock when we partoock of sacrement. Great Solemnity rested on the Breth and sisters, great union in our meeting. Seven present have not had thare Last [or second] Anointing. L. Woodworth and wife Sister Tomson, Wm. Claton, Joseph Kingsbury, John Benhisel, Sister Marinda Hide, Agness Smith, the wife of Don Smith. John Smith our Patriarch spoke a chort time them Elder B. Young Said this quorum should meet heare evry Sabath and take of the Sacrament. The Br. and Sisters ware completly clothed. Elder B. Young gave us good council. We offerd up the Signs Little after fore, got through at five. G. A. Smith mouth. When he got through all went home in good spirrits.

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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