175 years ago today - Dec 5, 1845

[Heber C. Kimball]
From thence to the Temple being the first on the ground being 10 in the morning... commenced work putting up canvase adorning alters and so forth.

At half past 11 My wife, Sister Whitney, Hellen my Daughter, Sarah Ann Kingsbury, Come in fore the purpus of Heming the Veil. My son Wm. and Heber P. come with them. W. W. Phelps come in with some seders trees. They, the Sisters Vialte, My wife, Elizebeth Ann Whiteny, N. K. wife, Sarah Ann, His Dauther, and Hellen Mar My Daugther commenced going at 12 Oclcok at the Ringing of the Temple Bell. G. A. Smith just come in said Ezekel Roberts went to the River whare thare was a hole cut in the Ice whare he found a small child fastened by a small string. Misry be on the dower [doer]. Joseph Young and David Candland come in, Orson Spencer come in.... It is sunset the canvas is all put up and the Alters mostly done. Thare is three of them. The big Hall is converted in to six sepret [separate] rooms for the convienience of the Holy Preasthood, two Large ones and fore small and a Hall pasing through betwen the small ones, pasing from the west done [down] through the Center, and dores in to each room. Josep Fielding has just come in fore the first time, he is one of the Holy Order. Its now dark and the Brethren are coming in fore prair and council... Elders B. Young is work on the alters. On Sunday Morning at 9 Oclock all of the Holy Order will assemble fore prair and council. Our wives will come and pertack [partake] with us. The Sacrament will be administer and spend the day in those thing that the Spirrit shall teach. This was the advise of President B. Young–/this gave/ great joy to our wimmen. To morrow will finish our rooms fore buisness. ... Clohed [clothed ourselves] and praid, O. Spencer being mouth. Then [un]Clothed and went home about 7. When we left the room we asked the Lord to bless Isreal and hold us in safty till we could give some of His faithfull Elders thare Endowment, and to liberate Cherriff [Sherrif] Backenstos [being tried for the murder of Frank Worrell, one of the anti-Mormon vigilantes, and], Theradore Turly from thare bonds.

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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