175 years ago today - Dec 4, 1845

[Heber C. Kimball]
P. Pratt, O. Hide ingaged in putting up canvas and other things to prepare our room [in the Nauvoo temple]. W. W. Phelps brought in some seders [cedar] trees to adorn our garden [room in the temple]. About sun set Bishop N. K. come in with the [temple] Vail, the old one and new one. The holes ware cut by B. Young and others assisted. ...

Two nits that are past the Twelve have praid by them selves, and the High Preas by them selvs. This order will continue fore the present. .../ We Clothed our selvs half past 7. The Twelve and High Preas come to gether and sung two hymns, being 19 present. Br. B. Young praid—we all knelt before the Lord then offered up the sign. Isack Morly was mouth. Had a good time.

This day a Large Looking Glass fell in the room of the First Pridency of the Seventies and Brock all to preaces. Some thought is a token of the Seventies being scatterd in all the world. Praid again. P. P. Pratt being mouth. We had a glorious time. The Brethren felt to prais the Lord for His goodness and great mercy, that we had got a place to worship and begin to give Endewments [endowments]. ...

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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