175 years ago today - Dec 11, 1845. Thursday.

Brigham Young and wife, H. C. Kimball and G. A. Smith, also Sister Mary Smith, Mercy R. Thompson, W. W. Phelps and his wife tarried in the Temple all night. We only obtained about an hour and a half sleep. ...We commenced a little before one o clock. George A. Smith and myself washed the brethren and B. Young and Amasa Lyman anointed them assisted by George Miller. Sister Vilate Kimball and Elizabeth Ann Whitney attended to washing the females. At 2 o clock they also washed and anointed Mercy R. Thompson.

... The men were washed by G[eorge] A. Smith and John Taylor, and anointed by myself and B. Young. The sisters were washed and anointed by Sister Whitney, Mary Ann Young and Elizabeth Ann Whitney.

About half past 1 o clock mother Lucy Smith arrived. The weather is cold and some inclined to snow.

A little before three Sister Elizabeth Ann Whitney and my wife got through washing the sisters . . .

The first charge was given in the garden by President Young, the other two charges by H. C. Kimball, who also received most of them through the vail and Amasa Lyman received the remainder...It was about 5 o clock P.M., when they commenced washing and anointing these.

A little before six we commenced taking them through the ceremonies, Heber C. Kimball acting as Eloheem, George A. Smith as Jehovah, Orson Hyde as Michael, W. W. Phelps as the serpent. We were also assisted by P. P. Pratt . . .

President having gone out some time ago returned while we were in the garden. The signs and tokens were all given by H. C. Kimball. He also received them through the vail. It was about half past seven when we got through. Those last who were taken through were then instructed farther regarding the signs by Elder Orson Hyde.

The President then called all those who were present into the Celestial room. We formed a circle, offered up the signs, and then offered up prayers for the sick; for our families and that the Lord would frustrate the plans of our enemies. Elder John E. Page being mouth.

...We offered up the signs of the Holy priesthood and prayed that the Lord would defeat and frustrate all the plans of our enemies and inasmuch as they make plots and lay plans to exterminate this people and destroy the priesthood from off the earth that the curse of God may come upon them even all the evil which they design to bring upon this people. And that the Lord would preserve the lives of his servants and lead us out of this ungodly nation in peace.

After we got through there was a unanimous feeling that the Lord would answer our prayers and defeat our enemies. President Young said we should go away from here in peace in spite of our enemies.

It was now a little after 9 o clock and we soon after retired to our homes. President Young and Amasa Lyman tarried in the Temple all the night.

[George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995, http://bit.ly/WilliamClayton]

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