160 years ago today - Jan 31, 1860

[Brigham Young]
The President said he had never differed with him [Orson] only on points of doctrine, and he never had had any personal feelings, but he was anxious that correct doctrines should be taught for the benefit of the Church and the Nations of the earth. Prest said in one thing he had felt vexed that he did not consult them before he published the M.S. [Millenial Star] writings he got from Mother Smith. about the life of the Prophet. Orson admitted that he had done wrong and he now saw it but did not at the time of his purchasing and publishing it. President observed the brethren would have made it a matter of fellowship. The President said he did not have it in his heart to disfellowship but merely to correct men in their views. Prest also remarked to Orson he had been willing to go on a Mission to any place at the drop of the Hat, and observed you might as well question my authority to send you on a Mission as to dispute my views in doctrine; Bro Orson said he had never felt unwillingness in the discharge of his practical duties. -- Salt Lake City

[Lucy Mack Smith

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