130 years ago today - Jan 30, 1890

[Patriarchal Blessing of S. Elvira M. Johnson ]
... for thou shalt see the holy temple reared in Zion, shall strike hands with the Son of Man when He shall descent to the earth, and shall minister therein when His glory shall fill its courts.

... The angels shall camp around thee, if thou wilt be admonished to call upon the name of the Lord ... thou art among the most favored of the daughters of Abraham, and entitled to every privilege that belongs to the wives, the mothers and the matrons in Zion, to stand in thy place as a counsellor to admonish, to teach, and to cultivate the younger of thy sex; and all who hear thy voice shall cleave unto thee and love thee; and all thy kindred shall rejoice in thee because of the wisdom and spirit of consolation and blessing which shall drop as pearls from thy lips ...

[Patriarchal Blessing of S. Elvira M. by Johnson F. Johnson on January 30, 1890]

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