120 years ago today - Jan 11, 1900

[First Presidency & Quorum of Twelve Minutes]
... President Cannon ... believed that greater power and gifts would be given to the Apostles, and that this would increase until they should met face to face with the Savior himself. He felt that the day was not far distant when the Savior would meet with His Apostles and instruct them; and that they should prepare for the great events which were coming upon the earth. He knew the Savior was near to us, and that the day would come when the Apostles would be greatly honored of him; and that judgment would be given to the Twelve, as it was given to His Apostles who were with Him in Jerusalem. President Cannon said too, referring to the enemies of Zion, that the predictions concerning them and the wicked generally would be brought about; the Lord would literally burn them up; and the Saints would go on from victory to victory until we should finally triumph. In closing, President Cannon, addressed himself to President Snow. ... President Cannon held that no one Apostle should undertake to give counsel affecting the interests or well-being of the community; but on the contrary such counsel should be the combined wisdom of as many of the Apostles as could be got together, with the President at their head. This was a critical time, and we needed all the light we could get, and the only safe way to get it, in his opinion, was through the presiding head.

... Before dispersing and immediately following the prayer Elder John Henry Smith asked President Snow if he thought it was wise for the brethren to speak from the public stand on the principle of plural marriage. President Snow answered that the subject should be let alone and that there was too much being said about it already.

This suggested to President Snow the following: Without reference to anyone present, he said, that there were brethren who still seemed to have the idea that it was possible under his administration to obtain a plural wife and have her sealed to him. He authorized and requested the brethren present to correct this impression wherever they find it. He said emphatically that it could not be done.

President Cannon moved that this be accepted as the mind and will of the Lord. Seconded by Brother Lyman and carried unanimously. ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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