120 years ago today - Jan 11, 1900

[Apostle Abraham Owen Woodruff]
... We partook of the bread and wine, emblems of our Master's body and blood. After the Lord's supper Pres[iden]t. [Lorenzo] Snow said: so far as I am concerned no plural marriages can be entered into anywhere: in Mexico or elsewhere. John Henry Smith made a speach [sic] in absolute discouragement of the practice anywhere. Pres[iden]t. [George Q.] Cannon moved we accept Pres[iden]t. Snow's words as the "word of the Lord". It was seconded and again without any chance to express our feelings and judgment were forced to sustain a motion that some of us were opposed to or be out of harmony with our brethren. I felt forced to sustain this motion and that is why I did it, knowing that if it were not right the responsibility would not rest on me. I absolutely know that a number of the brethren, among them John W. Taylor, Geo[rge]. Teasdale and M[atthias]. F. Cowley entertained feelings in harmony with my own. I owe my exist[e]nce to the princip[le] of Polygamy and I have some intense feelings regarding the sustaining of that principle. I am indebted to that principle for my life and any time my Father wants my life to defend that principle (and those who practice it in righteousness) God being my helper it is at his command.

Pres[iden]t. Brigham Young [Jr.] came to my desk at the close and said, "Bro[ther]. Woodruff I want to tell you that the time is not far distant when the question of Polygamy will be changed and practiced again." I said I will hold you responsible for that remark Bro[ther]. Young. He answered: "You may!" Apostle M[arriner]. W[ood]. Merrill in yesterday's meeting prophesied that "the time will never come in the church when polygamist children will not be born." I pray God to give me light on this matter as I feel almost sick about it. I want to and intend to be loyal to my Chief.

[Abraham Owen Woodruff, Diary]

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