Today in Mormon History - Feb 24

Meeting of 150 students on BYU's campus condemn U.S. participation in Vietnam War. Among them is Apostle Spencer W. Kimball's grandson, a registered conscientious objector and returned missionary. He and several members of group soon publish pamphlet, TO THE MEN OF BYU, which encourages them to consider conscientious objection against this war. Surveys of BYU sociologists find that about 10 percent of BYU students oppose Vietnam War. (1)
-- 40 years ago today - Feb 24, 1971

[U.S. Religious History] The Supreme Court let stand a ruling from the 7th Circuit Court which barred Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon from placing a Ten Commandments marker in front of the Indiana State Capitol. (2)
-- 10 years ago today - Feb 24, 2001

Judge Walter Steed, a small-town judge with three wives, was ordered removed from the bench by the Utah Supreme Court for violating the state's bigamy law. (3)
-- 5 years ago today - Feb 24, 2006

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