Today in Mormon History - Feb 03

In Salt Lake City Apostle John Henry Smith writes "The school board met and heard some reports from Supt. H. H. Cummings. Some wild ideas [regarding organic evolution and higher biblical criticism] are getting into Brigham Young University at Provo. Three of the Professors are belittling the Bible." At the General Church Board of Education meeting to discuss Cummings's reports, Cummings finds students themselves quite comfortable with the "new light" which the teachers had imparted. Nevertheless, board members are disturbed and appointed a committee to meet with the three professors to see if they would stop teaching these ideas-namely organic evolution and higher criticism. (1)
-- 100 years ago today - Feb 3, 1911

Don Carlos Smith: Regent of University of Nauvoo 3 February 1841. Major in Hancock County militia. (2)
-- 170 years ago today - Feb 3, 1841

Elders quorum president Alvah Beman submits the names of seventy elders to be considered for ordination as seventies. (3)
-- 175 years ago today - Feb 3, 1836

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