Today in Mormon History - Feb 22

Apostle Orson Pratt submits to the MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY (Cambridge, Massachusetts) a series of problems concerning mathematical laws relating to the origin of the solar system. He later recalls: "I prepared a series of problems relating to this subject, and forwarded the same to the editor of the Mathematical Monthly, . . . But in the consequence of the war then pending, the paper ceased its publication, and I heard nothing further from the manuscript. But as it was hastily and somewhat imperfectly prepared, it is perhaps better that it remained unpublished," In a letter to the editor of the Mathematical Monthly accompanying the articles, Pratt notes that his work was done without the aid of "any mathematical works." Pratt publishes CUBIC AND BIQUARATIC EQUATIONS and writes texts on differential calculus and determinants which he doesn't publish. (1)
-- 150 years ago today - Feb 22, 1861
After visiting a Mormon congregation, Silvester Judd reports "Some lie in trances a day or two and visit the unknown regions in the mean time; some are taken with a fit of terrible shaking which they say is the power of the Holy Ghost."
"I attended one of their meetings about two weeks ago; a woman was taken shaking who was not a Mormonite and she has shook the greater part of the time since" (2)
-- 180 years ago today - Feb 22, 1831
[President Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22d I spent the day at the House reading. (3)
-- 120 years ago today - Feb 22, 1891

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