Today in Mormon History - Feb 14

To counter accusations that his teaching of evolution will destroy faith, embattled BYU professor William Chamberlin publishes "The Theory of Evolution as an Aid in Faith in God and Belief in the Resurrection" in the BYU campus paper WHITE AND BLUE. He is dismissed anyway (1)
-- 100 years ago today - Feb 14, 1911

A revelation instructing the Elders who had gone on missions to assemble at Kirtland in June following was given to Joseph Smith, jun., and Sidney Rigdon, at Kirtland. (Doc. and Cov., Sec. 44.) (2)
-- 180 years ago today - Feb 14, 1831 (Monday)

Robert C. Oaks, later a four-star brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force and member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, is born in Los Angeles, California. (3)
-- 75 years ago today - Feb 14, 1936

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