Today in Mormon History - Feb 05

At a Sunday morning meeting in the Salt Lake Tabernacle "The Rev John C. Kimball A Unitarian Minister both Prayed & Preached 56 minutes upon the principles of their faith." (1)
-- 140 years ago today - Feb 5, 1871

[John Nuttle Diary] At Bro Prestons. did not go to meeting in the morning. at 12 noon Bro J T Smith brought a telegram from John T Cain which was answered attended meeting at 2 p m, Bishop John Van Cott & Lorin Farr also spoke -- Prest Taylor L Snow L Farr L J N G T Gibbs W Preston C. O. Card & others went to the temple & through the shops also com the walls & roof -- after supper wrote letter to John T Caine on mondays action--mouth in prayer at Bro Prestons -- Joseph Greaves of Logan wishing to go & visit relatives in England & gather genealogy he was sent to prepare for a mission at April Conference Pres Jos F Smith L Farr W Preston spent the evening with Prest Taylor (2)
-- 130 years ago today - Saturday Feb 5, 1881

[Mark Hofmann] Probable cause statement released, listing Hofmann documents involved in fraud counts. Investigator George Throckmorton says none of documents described are authentic. (3)
-- 25 years ago today - Feb 5, 1986

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